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The fan/supporters club "Ajduci" has its beginnings in the distant 1987/1988 when FC "BELASICA" entered the Second Yugoslavian League and the first names under which the supporters are known are "BLUE DRAGONS" and "KRV I MESO"/"FLASH AND BLOOD". In those days there were around 200-400 members. 


The greatest achievements are in the period 1992-1996 when unfortunately in the season 1996/1997  FC "BELASICA" left the First League and the for a moment the supporters club fell apart. Then after a break of two years with the "resurrection" of FC "BELASICA" the supporters and fans are once again gathered in the club "AJDUCI". For a president of the club is elected Risto Georgiev ( + ).


In the season 2000/2001 the "AJDUCI" were famous for their bus caravans all around Macedonia, and the number of members is far more than 600. The relations between the supporters club and the direction of FC "BELASICA - GERAS CUNEV" are on a highest level of understanding and cooperation.



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