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About the club 

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Home colors: White/Blue

Away colors: Orange

Home town: Strumica

Stadium: The city stadium "MLADOST" Strumica

Stadium capacity: 8000 seats 



Executive board od the club:

Club president: Vanco Takovski

Club director: Borce Todorov
General secretary: Slavco Timov

Members of the executive board: Janev Kiril, Ivanov Emil, Mangozov Dimitar, Jajnaliev Tiho, Chalshev Risto


Coach: Anchev Risto

Assistant coaches: Todorov Dzvonko

Goalkeeper coach: Vasilev Dusko


Coach: Arifovski Shevki


Coach: Pandaziev Pance


Coach: Karaliski Mitko

Doctor of the club: Ilija Stoilov

Physiotherapist: Jure Govorko and Janev Risto 

Security chief: Marangozov Dimitar

Assistant security chief: Jajnaliev Tiho



The football club 'BELASICA - GERAS CUNEV"  was formed in the distant 1922 and has been active since then. In the club's history there are remarkable achievements in ex-Yugoslavia which these days continue at the playing grounds in Macedonian and Europe.

The club has its own football schools which have produced many players who have defended the colors of the club in Macedonia and out of it. Today "BELASICA - GERAS CUNEV" is a member of the First National League  with a very good team and is achieving very high results in the National Leagues writing the  history of the Macedonian football. Just to mention the achievements of the generation 1982/83 which in 1987 was the winner of the National Cup of Macedonia for pioneers, in 1988 vice-champion and winners of  the National Cup of Macedonia for cadets, in 1999 finalists of the National Cup of Macedonia, in 2000 again finalists of the National Cup of Macedonia and in 2001 they have won the National Cup of Macedonia. With such a results can be mentioned many other generations form the football schools of "BELASICA - GERAS CUNEV".


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